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Pet Wash (by GinSan)

Tap into a New Market

The GinSan Pet Wash allows you to reach a whole new customer base and bring new profits to your business. The Pet Wash has many features that make pet washing convenient and easy.
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Technical Information
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  • Waist high stainless steel tub for easy pet cleaning
  • Non slip rubber mats on the easy access ramp
  • Chain secures pets safely ensuring a safe, pleasant washing experience
  • Easy to understand instructions and signage
  • Choose from our Touchtron or Rotary stainless steel meterboxes, which include a countdown display and the option of accepting coins, bills, credit cards and the ExpressKey cashless system
  • Optional multi-speed warm air dryer
  • Optional storage tank with lock
  • Optional in-bay manifold cabinet with chemical storage

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Clean Pet Vac

The GinSan Clean Pet Vac water and hair extractor is a unique product that extends the value of your Pet Wash by adding another function to the meterbox and by offering your customers another useful service.

Clean Pet Vac

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